We take care of everything, from choosing the best decoration technique to the automation of painted parts process, to give the best-finished product
Seristudio assembly painted parts automation process plastic varnished component

To provide the Customer a complete package

Seristudio bases its business on serigraphy as the name itself suggests. Over the years, the company has established itself in many other decoration-related processes. Year after year, pad printing, hot stamping, painting and laser marking processes have been improved and optimised.

Now, we can focus on the last aspect of all these techniques, i.e., the assembly stage of the single components. Seristudio's eclectic decoration stages, thanks to the company' state-of-the-art machinery, know-how, and qualified operators, allow us to manufacture every single part of the finished product.

Assembly procedures may seem like a set of mechanical and simple operations. But, managing many codes and different components with different shapes not visible to the naked eye, and the combination of various assemblies need stringent logistics. The traceability of every single part is important and can be ensured only with a series of inspections carried out by the various processes.

Only the combination of all these elements can prevent an existing part from ending up in a packaging with a different code. We need to consider that some products can consist of 10 items and be joined in over 50 different versions.

The use of automation in the assembly process with a flexible line (meaning that it can be configured every time) makes the entire process, which has more stages in the case of complex items, stronger and smoother.

State-of-the-art techniques, human-machine synergy, focus on information and the entire quality control stage make Seristudio a reliable Partner even for this process.

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