A Vision rooted in family tradition and projected into the future. The history behind Seristudio S.p.A.
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A modern company, with a European and futuristic vision

Seristudio S.p.A. (Nuova Seristudio S.r.l.) is today a leading company in the European market to produce painted plastic parts for the Automotive industry.

The company was established in 1989 in Carasco Carasco, near Genoa, by Roberto Deiana, the current President, who recounts the beginnings of the company's history.

Seristudio S.p.A. grew out of the experience gained in the family workshop. We used to work in the communications industry, ranging from graphic design to serigraphy. Hence the name “Seristudio”.

Since I was a kid, my dream was to create a factory. Not a place for business but also a place where to promote a familiar work environment and share values and goals. It took some effort, continuous updates, great ambition, and strong enthusiasm, all ingredients of the artisan serigraphy.

With the passing of time, the family business turned into a medium-scale firm, with all its organizational implications. Achieving this first goal wouldn't have been possible without sharing our operational choices with our employees. This has been the key to our success and our driving force. I hope I've could convey this to those who are new to this company, which now counts over 140 employees.

The first thing that I notice every day when I step into the factory, is the excellent work conditions we have established. This can be seen in the faces of the people who work here, who make the most out of our true values and wonderful story.

All our employees feel that they are an active part of a common project. Each one of them knows that they have helped the company grow, and are proud of what we have achieved so far. Credit always goes to the team and never to the single person.

All this has made Seristudio a modern company with a European and futuristic vision, which keeps faith to family traditions while looking towards the future.

I consider this factory as a close-knit family, which, combined with experience, enthusiasm, the wish to win, and much sacrifice, have made a dream started in 1979 come true.

Roberto D.

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